Foundation Overview

Special thanks to Camaron Leung for creating this video.

Our Programs

Financial Grants


The foundation collects applications for grants on an ongoing basis. Each month the board selects families to receive financial grants. If a family is not selected in the first month, they receive a gas card as a token of appreciation for taking the time to complete the application. Their application will continue to be considered each month until the family is selected or they have been considered for six months. A family is able to receive one grant in their six month application period.

Grant Application

Outreach to hospitals


The foundation provides outreach and support to families at hospitals throughout the state. An example was this past Christmas when presents and gift cards were distributed to families who were inpatient and unable to spend the holiday at home. These small tokens help to bring smiles to children and families who need it most.

Raising Community Awareness


Members of the foundation take part in numerous events throughout the community with the aim to bring attention and awareness to those affected by childhood cancer. We have partnered with many other organizations in the state to maximize our reach.